Friday, April 26, 2013

How Steve Bruce made Reina cry

Pepe Reina spoke about his children's Scouse accents, the Kop's Steve Bruce song, Jose Enrique's hair and his hope of staying at Liverpool for '12 or 13 years' during an interview with @LFC today.
While answers to the questions were limited to 140 characters on Twitter, Reina was happy to expand on all the issues raised by fans for - and it makes entertaining reading.
We've pulled out some of his best answers below - or LFC TV Online subscribers can watch the full interview at the bottom of this story.Did it take you and your family long to adjust to life in Liverpool? (@Coppin_LFC)
No, not really. The people were so warm and welcoming from the beginning and it is something we really appreciated. Still now, the people are really good to us and it is one of the best things about Liverpool of course.
You have a growing family now, of course; do they like it here?
Of course, with all the Scousers it is always good and they are proud because of the accent they are picking up and the friends they are making along the way. They are happy in their schools and they feel like Liverpool is home.
Fancy a pint, Pepe? (@ _davemclaughlin)
Well at the right time, yes, of course. There is always time to enjoy with your friends and your family, and why not? On a day off or whenever you can fit it in, of course, you are welcome.
Where do you like to go in Liverpool?
I don't go out too much, to be honest, but I like The Cavern. It is one of those places where you feel nice and relaxed and the atmosphere is always right.Do you like being bald? (@sabee_7)
I think I have no other option right now. I get used to it and my wife likes it so that makes it okay. Jose Enrique is constantly changing his style, would I like a full head of hair like him? Not like him, definitely not like him, no. He knows what I think but I'd rather be like myself: baldy and proud.
Do you still get goose bumps when you hear the Kop sing You'll Never Walk Alone? (@dvidamour)
It is a special moment. Obviously at the beginning it was quite new, so it was an impact. Now, it is not that you get used to it, but you still feel incredibly lucky that those fans are right behind you. It is quite an awesome anthem and I'm lucky enough to enjoy it every 15 days.
You are obviously closer to the fans than everyone else, do you hear the songs they sing like the new ones that are cropping up for different players?
It is quite hard to pick up the letters. Some of them are brilliant. I remember the one of Steve Bruce that I was literally crying my eyes out at. Those moments are special in football and they are to enjoy.
Which striker always seems to get the best of you? (@KevHegarty23)
There can be many. [Robin] van Persie lately has been a nightmare, to be honest. It was Fernando [Torres] when I was playing back in Spain, [Didier] Drogba was a headache at times too but right now I think van Persie is quite a lot to handle.
What about in terms of the Liverpool players in training?
In training, Luis [Suarez] is different class. He always gives you a headache, especially with that last touch which you are not expecting. He is so alive in training as well.

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